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Coretec® Profile Extrusion Overview

DelStar's product offerings in the filtration and separation, medical and industrial arenas include Coretec products, a line of high-performance rods, cores, tubes and machined shapes that provide new opportunities for our customers. The Coretec product line includes numerous high performance components made from advanced engineering grade resins and stainless steel.

Coretec Rod, Core Tube and Pipe Products

Our Coretec rods, cores, tubes and pipes are profile extruded solid and hollow shafts. We offer center tubes for reverse osmosis water filters, cores and pressure vessels, as well as a distinct collection of medical tubes and valves, gaskets, pipe liners and roll covers for industrial applications.

Coretec® Machining Services

Coretec machined tubes are drilled and machined for inner filtration cores. The ends are sanded, notched or threaded, with holes drilled along the center. The machined parts include end caps and other fittings to join older filtration systems with newer filters, as well as parts designed for semi-conductor machines and automotive engines, among others.

DelStar's machine shop focuses on high performance plastic for tube/rod products and also has the capability to machine metal. This enhances our service to filtration net customers by providing an even wider range of options.

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