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Delnet® Apertured Films Overview

Delnet geometric apertured films are lightweight, nonwoven netting fabrics made from a unique extrusion, embossing and orientation process. Thin Delnet mesh - alone or laminated to other materials - provides purity, high strength and non-stick properties to numerous applications. By varying the process parameters, an infinite variety of Delnet materials can be created with characteristics to meet any market requirements.

Delnet, with its symmetrical hole pattern, achieves precise rates of permeability for the filtration and medical industry. Delnet mesh provides a surface layer for medical facemasks and an outer dust release layer in air filtration applications.

Our Delnet products can also be co-extruded to serve as adhesive bonding layers. DelnetŪ-EP (Enhanced Performance) products utilize unique multi-layer breathable films. Delnet EP is used for cost-effective tack bonding, laminating, combination tack bonding and laminating, or surface modification.

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