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Naltex® Extruded Netting Overview

Naltex, the premier brand of extruded netting, helps achieve high performance results in industrial applications ranging from filtration to fencing. First developed more than 50 years ago, Naltex nets continue to evolve as DelStar engineers improve the process of extruding through counter-rotating die heads. Over the years we've introduced nets with new resins, varied strand count and cross section, and a range of strand angles, offering customers different looks, feels, strengths and additional functionality. We custom-develop Naltex nets to meet your specific industrial performance requirements for demanding applications in the automotive, filtration and industrial markets.

Naltex, a biplanar thermoplastic netting, offers pleat support, separation nets and cartridge sleeving for the filtration industry. Specifically, Naltex serves as a spacer component in spiral wound and reverse osmosis filtration systems. Additionally, it is used in a range of applications including food service and mechanical protection for corrosion coating on underground pipelines.

Products Within Naltex Brand:

  • Flex-Guard® Protective Sleeving
  • Hail-Guard® Protective HVAC Screens
  • Duronet® Protective Mesh
  • Mari-Net® Marination Bag Netting

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