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Available Sample Kits

Introduction Kit, including one sample of each of our roll-good product lines
Yes, please send Introduction Kit.
Product Line Kits, including 6-8 samples of a variety of compositions of:
Naltex® extruded netting
Delnet® apertured film
DelPore® meltblown media
Stratex® engineered composites
Naltex brand Case Liners
Naltex brand Flex-Guard® Protective Sleeving (Select kit to fit diameters)
Less than 1" 4" - 6"
1" - 2" 6" - 16"
2" - 4"  
Naltex brand Temporary Fencing
Naltex brand Hail-Guard® Screening for HVAC units
Coretec® Rod, Pipe, Tube, and Open Profile Extrusions
Coretec® Precision Machined Plastic and Metal Parts
Market Specific Kits, featuring a range of DelStar Roll-Good products, for:
Composite Applications (Flow Media for Resin Distribution)
Food-Processing Applications
Industrial Applications
Outdoor Applications

Additional literature, available upon request:
Coretec Rod, Pipe, Tube, and Open Profile Extrusions
Coretec Precision Machined Plastic and Metal Parts
Plastic Fencing for Temporary Applications
Thermoplastic Nets and Nonwovens for Filtration
Plastic Netting and Bags for Food Processing
Laminates, Nets and Nonwovens for Healthcare Applications
Rigid Plastic Mesh for Industrial Applications
Plastic Nets and Nonwovens for Outdoor Applications
Plastic Mesh Sleeving for Parts Protection and Packaging
Extruded Netting for Composite Flow Media
Thermoplastic Nets, Films, Nonwovens and Composites
Nets, Films and Nonwovens for Textile Applications

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